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The co-ed approach

Quite simply, we believe that young people grow up to be self-confident, capable and socially skilled most effectively within a co-educational environment. There is no better way to prepare young people to take their places in a complex and demanding adult society than to educate boys and girls together. The fact that boys and girls learn differently has many advantages. Properly managed, the positive learning attributes and aspirations of the one rub off on the other and both benefit as a result.

At Cheltenham College we challenge pupils academically and intellectually, and nurture both their wider talents and their self-confidence. Boys and girls enjoy success first of all in the classroom, but also on the sports fields, on the stage, in concert halls, in art and design and in countless other arenas. We are an incredibly strong and close community built on loyalty, integrity and respect, and we are immensely proud not only of all that the girls and boys achieve, but also of who they become. We set great store by their generosity and strength of character.

While pupils work together in all aspects of College life, we do, of course, have a very strong single-sex House system that offers girls and boys their own space in which they can both relax and learn. In this way we feel we offer the best of both worlds.

Please do come and see it for yourself.