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Sport and Games

Cheltenham Prep School has a true ‘Sport for All’ ethos. Children of all ages and abilities will play a part in a team and regularly compete in fixtures against other schools. Our ‘A’ teams are selected based on ability and are expected to train and play to win. With all of our other teams, which can be from ‘B’ to ‘F’ depending on the year group and the sport, we are fully inclusive and every pupil will be afforded the same coaching and the same opportunities.

In addition to our excellent facilities, we also have an impressive range of coaching staff, which includes sports professionals as well as qualified, trained and experienced teachers. Our team of games staff are full of enthusiasm and their passion and commitment is clear to see. They are tasked with preparing our children for the major games we play here. For girls it is Hockey in the autumn term, Netball in the spring term and Tennis (middle and upper school) or Rounders (lower school) in the summer term. The boys play Rugby in the autumn term, Hockey (and some Football) in the spring term, and Cricket in the summer term.

The opportunities offered to children at Cheltenham Prep does not end with the major games. We also prepare pupils for the following sports and regularly enter local and National competition in these fields

  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Girls Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Ski-ing

There can be no doubt that there really is something for everyone.

To read about some of our recent sporting highlights please refer to the Girls’ Sport and Boys’ Sport sections of Prep for the Week. You can also follow us on Twitter, just search for @cheltprepgirls and @CheltPrep_Boys

To support our impressive games programme, our pupils are offered multiple opportunities to attend various sports trips and tours throughout all stages of their school career. At the Prep School, our trips range from local day trips to residential tours. The shorter trips are usually to see professional teams in action e.g. Twickenham Rugby, Team Bath Netball and Wimbledon Tennis. It is a very inspirational experience for our children to see the sport they love being played at the highest level by some of their role models. Our residential tours really serve to build character and encourage independence. Training and playing matches against different opposition in a new setting, and learning about the sports culture in different countries has a profound and very positive impact on the children. They always return motivated and enthusiastic and most importantly with a true understanding and respect for teamwork.  In Year 6, we run a mixed hockey and netball tour to Guernsey, a trip that is so popular it has been running for over 25 years. And in Upper School, the girls Hockey tour to Holland and the boys Rugby tour to Barcelona have become a major highlight in the sporting calendar.

To view a map of the Sports facilities please click the image below or download a pdf  here.