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Southwood is a boys’ Day House that opened in 1975 and is situated in the heart of the College grounds. Although the boys go home each day to their parents, we do have a boarding room able to accommodate four boys. Perhaps they have an early start; they have been to London for a trip and are not back until 1am, or perhaps when their parents are away on business.

Abi, my wife, and our Matrons, were appointed into the House in 2012. We have two children, Joe and Tilly, who embrace our extended family during term time.

Southwood is the boys’ second home and as such we have a warm family orientated atmosphere where the boys feel comfortable and perhaps most importantly, happy. When they are happy here they are more able to excel in everything else they do in and around College.

We have some boys who live nearby and many boys who travel in to College on the numerous bus routes, and yes, when they are old enough they drive themselves to College! Many boys take the opportunity to get some prep done in the House during the day, freeing them up to relax at home in the evening. Some however stay on to do prep, having had supper at College, before being picked up later on in the evening.

Each boy will be assigned to a tutor on arrival and they will stay together for the first three years at College, at which point the boys are able to chose their own tutor. A number of our senior boys in the House are appointed as prefects and are there to support and encourage the younger boys in such matters as prep and academic work, activities, sports and general College life.

Please come and have a look for yourself to see and hear first hand what we have to offer and for an opportunity to meet the boys that make the House and College what it is.

Matt Coley, Southwood Housemaster