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Academic societies flourish in the late afternoons and early evenings. Pupils are encouraged to take part in as many as they wish, and discuss their plans with tutors to ensure that regular prep commitments can be met.

Academic societies feature two main types of event: firstly, pupils have the chance to hear external speakers and to reflect on new aspects of their subjects, which they might wish to delve into further; secondly, many subject societies ask students to make short presentations of their own research into an area of particular interest. Such activities help to develop pupils' presentational skills - another key aim of a Cheltenham College education - and the societies are run by a team of senior students, helping to develop their leadership skills as they organise meetings for their peers. Societies also like to organise diverse events, such as debates, film evenings and practical sessions that introduce off-syllabus content.

Academic Societies
  • Lower College Society (promoting scholarship across the curriculum for pupils aged 13-16)
  • Upper College Society (for the Sixth Form)
  • Biomedical Society (for aspiring Medics, Vets and Dentists)
  • Classics Society
  • Economics and Business Society
  • Geography Society
  • Lit Soc (English Literature)
  • Mathematics Society
  • Modern Languages Society
  • Morley Society  (History and Politics)
  • Philosophy Society (often in conjunction with Cheltenham Ladies’ College)
  • Psychology Society
  • Sports Science Society
  • The Christian Union

The Science departments run events for different year groups. Third Form Biologists last year, for example, particularly enjoyed 'drugging' fleas with coffee and alcohol to measure the effects on their heartbeat. There is most definitely something for everyone!