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Academic Overview

Cheltenham College offers a traditional range of challenging A Levels, all of which are held in high regard by universities. Taught in classes considerably smaller than those in the Lower College, A Levels are two-year courses that will be examined at the end of Upper Sixth.

We advise all pupils to choose subjects that they really enjoy and that interest them. When making choices, it is worth bearing in mind that some university courses or careers require specific subjects (eg. Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics for many medical subjects such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Physiotherapy; Physics or Maths plus DT or Art for Architecture, and Mathematics A Level for many Economics courses).

In general, the minimum requirement for doing a subject at A Level is a B grade at GCSE either in the subject itself or in a closely-related one (GCSE History for Politics, Maths or Physics for Economics). Students wishing to take a science or a modern language are expected to achieve a minimum A grade at GCSE. Usually, an A* is required for Mathematics.

Further details of the subjects we offer at Sixth Form can be found here. For specific details of each course, including content and exam boards, please read the Sixth Form Curriculum booklet.

The extended project qualification (epq)

An independently researched written essay or artefact (such as a performance, project or piece of research). Recognised by all UK universities, it allows students to hone their independent research skills, produce extensive work to be proud and give them a ‘specialist subject’ beyond the confines of the syllabus.

Recent examples of EPQ essays can be found below: