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Queen’s is the only house just for day girls at Cheltenham College and is beautifully situated overlooking the main field and Chapel. We take pride in creating a homely and supportive atmosphere, making sure that the girls feel valued and are able to maximise their potential. Queen’s girls are open-minded, bright and polite. We seek to provide a base from which they are able to develop their own interests and learn effectively. As a result, the ethos of the House is dynamic, friendly and respectful. 

I live in Queen's with my husband Will, who teaches Geography and is the Queen's resident tutor, and our two young daughters. As a resident Housemistress, a strong family spirit and high level of care are promoted and maintained at all times. Along with the Assistant Housemistress, day matron and tutor team, we work for the girls’ success, fulfillment and enjoyment, closely monitoring their academic and pastoral progress. Our aim is to ensure that our 60 day girls are as involved as boarders in College life. We even have a bedroom that is able to accommodate four to six girls in order to support family and school commitments. Queen’s is a genuine ‘feel good’ place to be in as you can read from some of the girls’ comments below and the House events page!

The 'Queen's Charter' contains the House ethos and pearls of wisdom from our prefect team. Please click on the link to view the Charter.

Wandrille Bates, Queen's Housemistress

More than just boarding

Cheltenham College is known for being a leading boarding school, but did you know around 20% of our students are day pupils? Read an interview with Queen's girls about what it is like to be a day pupil in a predominantly boarding environment.