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Cheltenham College Council

'The Council' is the name traditionally given to the Board of Governors at Cheltenham College; the chairperson is known as the President and all members hold the legal status of charity trustees. The Council has responsibility for developing and supervising our strategy both academic and financial. There are five sub-committees: the Education Committee, the Welfare and Safeguarding Committee, the Finance, Risk and Development Committee (FRD), the Audit Committee and the Nominations Committees.

The Council is made up of nominated and co-opted members, all of whom are volunteers. The nominated members may include representatives from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and one other university; the Cheltonian Association, the Cheltonian Society and a representative nominated by each of our two Common Rooms.

Co-opted members are recommended by the Nominations Committee and approved by Council. The present Council includes men and women from the business sector, accountants, chartered surveyors and lawyers, those with experience in the voluntary sector and former heads of both public and prep schools. Such a varied mix of skills ensures that Cheltenham College benefits from the very best advice from experienced, highly qualified and successful business people coupled with the wisdom and knowledge of those who have worked in education and the professions for much of their life. Council members can be contacted via the Secretary to the Council, John Champion, on