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English as an Additional Language

When a child joins our school from another country, it is hard for them to meet the challenges of a new way of life, and learn a new language. Therefore, we offer English as an Additional Lauguage (EAL) lessons in order that no child is left behind with their learning. EAL lessons can allow a pupil to fill in any gaps in their education that may have resulted from their schooling in another country, and also gives them the opportunity to not fall behind their peers within the classroom.

We support and monitor pupils from Year 3 to 8, and, once assessed, pupils' individual needs are catered for with the requisite number of lessons required to suit their needs. We offer one, two or three lessons a week, depending on how much support each child needs. These lessons can be in the form of one-to-one teaching or small group teaching. Once we are aware of a pupil's strengths and weaknesses, we are able to create a scheme of work that is individually crafted to best support a child's needs and address any gaps in their linguistic skills, be it speaking, reading or writing. We are part of the Learning Support Department (Coach House) we make sure all needs are met, and each child has an Individual Learning Plan (I.L.P.), which is updated regularly and is available for all subject teachers to access via the school intranet.

EAL lessons are subject supportive, and we work closely with the English Department to make sure that any potential areas of weakness are addressed at the earliest possible opportunity. These lessons also provide a chance for our pupils to tackle topics that they don't understand, but are not confident enough to address in a classroom. This allows pupils to maintain their learning and ensures they are able to follow the same curriculum as their class peers.

We also liaise closely with Kingfisher staff to help with the transition to Lower School (Year 3). We liaise with Cheltenham College EAL staff to ensure they are aware of our Year 8 EAL pupils' individual needs.

For further details, please contact Mrs Bridgette Williams EAL teacher.