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As well as enabling our more distant families to consider Cheltenham Prep, our Boarding House also offers outstanding pastoral care and an extensive after school activities programme for the benefit of all. The Boarding House is located right at the heart of the school, contributing greatly to the sense of belonging and homeliness which runs all the way through our community. 

"Boarders say that the school is a "happy place" and boarding is "amazing". Boarders and staff speak of family and a sense of community. Excellent relationships exist between Boarders of all ages and nationalities, and with staff." - Indepenedent Schools Inspectorate, 2016

Our houseparents, Mr and Mrs Baird, live onsite and also teach in the school. With the help of a large team of resident staff , all of whom run evening and weekend activities, they encourage our Boarders not only to feel at home but to look out for one another as they would for their own siblings. Of course, boarding doesn’t have to be full time. 

We are extremely flexible and happy to accommodate most boarding requests, from the odd evening in, to regular nights. We often find these requests come from the children themselves who are keen to join a favoured activity or the busy weekend programme. Having a teacher on hand 24/7 when it comes to prep time can also have significant appeal! Each evening and at weekends in particular, once school, prep and sport have concluded, the fun begins in earnest. There is an array of activities, clubs, trips and films to enjoy, as well as common rooms for the boys and girls to relax in. It is here, over a cosy supper or the nightly bedtime story, where children forge friendships which can last a lifetime.

Prep and Academic Support

That our Boarders performed so well in last year's examination is no surprise. All children who board or flexi-board derive enormous benefit from the organised, quiet, prep sessions (run every week night and Sunday morning in the newly decorated and very well equipped Davies Block). Once again our Boarders will enjoy and benefit from the very best support possible at Prep time. We are delighted to report that we have once again recruited the school's leading academic staff to provide their experience, knowledge and guidance. We have Headmaster Mr Whybrow, Deputy Heads Mr & Mrs Jenkins, Head of Kingfishers Mrs Buttress and Head of Science Mrs Wells all taking a night of prep each. 

We know how powerful and important reading is in a child's development and it is given great priority in the House. We have well stocked book shelves and open access to the school's fantastic library. At bed time all boarders enjoy quiet private reading time and love the stories that are read by one of our resident tutors in every dorm, every night.