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Pastoral Care and Tutor System

It is an enormous privilege to be entrusted with the care of boys and girls as they grow into young men and women. We try to make sure the pastoral net is wide enough yet tight enough for every Cheltonian to feel that there is someone to whom they can turn. All pupils are members of a House run by an experienced and sympathetic Housemaster or Housemistress. All the Houses have prefects - senior pupils whose role is primarily pastoral - and a matron who looks after health and cleanliness and also offers a maternal presence. There is a Health Centre to deal with any health problems and a College Counsellor to whom pupils may turn if they wish. At the heart of the College is the Chapel which provides the moral and spiritual cradle for the whole community.

Our Tutoring System also plays an integral part in the day to day life of staff and pupils. In addition to being members of a House, all members of the College have a tutor who is generally responsible for their academic and social well-being. In Lower College (Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms), tutoring is House-based and a tutor looks after the same group until the end of the fifth form. In Upper College (Sixth Form), tutoring is mixed, both in terms of House and year group and pupils are given the chance to express a preference as to whom they have. This could include their existing tutor. Most tutors have a total of between 10 and 16 tutees, coming from both Upper and Lower College. In Lower College, a general tutor period is delivered by tutors in a fortnightly period in which the tutor group meets together to cover aspects of PSHCE and Floreat. In addition, individual tutorials are held to cover more personal and specific matters. In Upper College, tutoring is based on weekly one-to-one tutorials which provide an excellent chance for a strong rapport to develop between tutor and tutee.