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We're pleased to announce that Leconfield now offers day, day boarding and full boarding places for entry into Third Form only. 

We pride ourselves on making Leconfield a warm, friendly and purposeful place to live. One of the major strengths of the House is that boys of all ages mix and become part of the Porcherite family very quickly and look out for each other. It is a House that boys very soon see as their second home.

Leconfield is a place where all boys are expected to work hard, seize opportunities and take responsibility as they progress through College and the House. With our guidance and support, boys are encouraged not only to reach their potential in all disciplines of life but also to excel as individuals.

It is a lively place on the weekends, with many activities on offer after College activities finish. Karting, Water Activities, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Skiing, Theatre and Museum visits are just some of the activities that Porcherites can enjoy during the year.

Equally, parents are not forgotten - there are many formal and informal opportunities for parents to meet each other and the House staff socially. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Leconfield.

Mr Daniel Evans, Leconfield Housemaster