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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department ensures we provide each child with the opportunity to fulfil his or her individual potential, by creating a secure, caring and sensitive environment for effective learning in spite of individual specific difficulties. We aim to develop a positive attitude towards learning by providing support where appropriate to develop self-esteem and general self-confidence. To achieve this, the pupils are provided with individual programmes to develop skills and address areas of difficulty. We provide support in Coach House for literacy, numeracy and study skills.

"It's good to go to Coach House because I can catch up on my reading and writing. It helps me get along better in my English classes. I like using Nessy on the computer because it is fun to play!"

- Year 8 pupil

We support pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 and our assessment procedures allow us to monitor progress to ensure each child's individual requirements are catered for. As part of our assessment procedure, reading, pelling and maths tests are administered as required, in order to establish a baseline and measure progress. Test results are also used to inform planning and to help develop appropriate individual teaching programmes. Pupils in Year 4 and Year 6 are screened for dyslexia. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are kept up to date and include recommended teaching and learning strategies and pupil targets. The ILPs are available to staff via the intranet database.

We offer a range of provision in response to need, including small group teaching, in class support and individual teaching. We work closely with subject staff and class teachers to ensure continuity within the curriculum. 

For further information, we have put together a Learning Support Parent Guide and our SEN policy, which you can download. If you need more details regarding SEN provision, then please contact Mrs Gill Barrett, Director of Learning Support / SENCo.

There are two levels of support and termly charges are as follows:

Level 1  Weekly Coach House lesson (1:1)  £300 per term
Level 2  Weekly Coach House lesson (pair of group) £200 per term

The maximum number of Coach House lessons permitted is two per week. 
For further details, please contact Mrs Gill Barrett.


Learning Support in Kingfishers

In Kingfishers Pre-Prep (Nursery to Year 2), we believe in treating children as individuals and supporting them so that each may fulfil their potential.

At this stage, individual development varies significantly and our Foundation Stage offers a very flexible approach. Children move freely between our Nursery base in Kingfisher Cottage and the Foundation Stage 2 classes in the Pre-prep building as and when they are ready. This means that the curriculum can be tailored to match the needs of the child and some can benefit from a more practical and play-based approach while others will be ready for more structured activities.

All of the teaching staff are dedicated to bringing the best out of the children in their care and there is constant liaison between the teachers and the learning support teacher. When a need is identified, the learning support teacher will work out a course of action to be implemented and, if necessary, an IEP will be drawn up.  Many children need some minor intervention to help with speech clarity or the acquisition of early literacy skills. Some children find the manual dexterity required for early writing a challenge and others will need help to structure their thoughts. Whatever the need, Kingfishers will strive to make your child feel confident and happy at school.

Please contact Christina Conner for further details of Learning Support in Kingfishers.