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Duke of Edinburgh

The Bronze Award is open to anyone in the Fourth Form. A letter outlining key dates is sent to all parents in September followed by a presentation to pupils. Requests for enrolment are accepted from pupils personally around exeat in October. The four sections of the Bronze Award (Skill, Volunteering, Physical Recreation and Expedition) can all be completed by the end of the Autumn Term in Fifth Form or sooner.

The Gold Award is open to anyone once they reach the age of 16, but is formally launched at the beginning of Lower Sixth Form. The five sections of the Gold Award (Skill, Volunteering, Physical Recreation, Residential and Expedition) can be completed within 18 months of starting - or in other words by the end of the Spring term of Upper Sixth Form. Completion of Bronze or Silver is not a pre-requisite for starting Gold - in fact very many of our successful students are direct entrants. However, if the Silver Award has been completed elsewhere, the Gold can be completed in 12 months.