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Scholarships and bursaries


Scholarships and Exhibitions are offered at both 13+ and 16+ in a wide range of areas. These awards are entirely merit-based and awarded on the basis of an exam, audition or other appropriate assessment. Awards are offered not only to pupils with exceptional existing ability but also to those who show high potential. Pupils who would like to apply for more than one award are very welcome to do so. In all cases, awards may be further enhanced, via means-tested bursary support, based on individual family needs.

In addition to Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions, there are awards in Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music and Sport, as well as for strong all-round performers. All those who do not enter for Academic Scholarships at 13+ must nevertheless fulfill College's normal academic entrance requirements. Full details of all the scholarships offered can be found in our Admissions and Information brochure

Each scholarship does have its own requirements and timelines so please do consult the timetable as well as the details of the range of scholarships available. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


At Cheltenham College, we are committed to widening access by providing bursaries and Armed Forces discounts for pupils who, without such help, might not otherwise be able to attend. We have a significant number of pupils on bursary support, attending both our Prep and College, who make a very full and valued contribution to life here. 

Unlike some schools, bursaries at Cheltenham College are not dependent on performance or merit, they are available to any pupil who is able to meet our baseline entrance requirements, and who we feel will strongly benefit from the education that Cheltenham College is able to offer.

All bursaries are means tested. They are based on careful and sympathetic scrutiny of individual family circumstance and no rule of thumb generalisation of income levels is possible. Bursaries vary in size and in exceptional circumstances fee support up to 100% of the fees can be available.

Further details can be obtained by downloading the Bursaries - Widening Access document. Families in need of financial support should make contact either with the Registrar or direct via the Bursar’s office.

UK Armed Forces Discounts

We are proud of our strong military links and offer generous discounts for parents currently serving in the UK Armed Forces. For further information, please see our UK Armed Forces Discounts page.