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Learning Support

Tutors and House staff provide a high level of pastoral and academic support to College pupils, helping them with aspects of study skills such as personal organisation and managing time and prep. In lessons, teachers help students to develop the specific techniques and study skills that are required for success in each subject. Revision clinics arranged by departments offer additional academic support. Study skills workshops appropriate to each year group are planned to take place at strategic times during the year, to address revision strategies and examination technique.   

In addition to this support, some students may benefit from a period of regular, individual support from specialist teachers. Teachers in the Learning Support department have specialist knowledge of how pupils with specific learning difficulties learn. They can also help other pupils to develop essential academic and study skills. For instance, a Third Form student may be helped to develop strategies to remember awkward spelling patterns or a Sixth Form student may seek to develop a more sophisticated essay style. Most pupils are seen on an individual basis. Progress is reviewed regularly to determine how long the support should continue. The department also deals with special examination arrangements. The aim of the department is to enable pupils to fulfil their potential, reach their academic goals and to achieve their very best. 

Miss Suzanne Marquis (Head of Learning Support)