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Academic Life

The academic life of College is guided by two key principles: 

  1. to educate pupils to know as broadly and to think as independently and incisively as possible,
  2. to achieve the best possible exam results for each pupil.

Inside and outside the classroom, pupils are challenged through discussion, careful and knowledgeable specialist teaching, visits, lectures, mentoring, tutoring and prep (homework). They are prepared with care for examinations, university entrance and life, and are encouraged to develop independent and inquiring minds. 

The Third Form curriculum emphasises breadth and also the links between subjects: every pupil studies the same wide range of subjects including two modern languages, three sciences and Latin (or Classical Civilisation). 

Pupils carry on ten subjects in Fourth and Fifth Forms: English, English Literature, Mathematics, at least two sciences, and a large number keep on two languages, as well as subjects like Drama, Art, DT and PE. Maths and Science classes are setted throughout the school, and English and Modern Languages to GCSE.  Science, Maths, Modern Languages, Geography, History and English Literature are examined as IGCSE; the rest as GCSE. 

Pupils choose 4 subjects from a possible 24 at A Level. AS exams are sat the end of Lower Sixth and A2 papers at the end of the Upper Sixth. With A Level changes starting in September 2015, there will be a mixed economy of exams for a year, depending on the subjects chosen by the individual.

Mr Simon Brian, Deputy Head (Academic)