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Situated on Sandford Road, Christowe thrives on its keen sense of tradition and history. Our House emblem is the Skull and Cross Bones and it comes from the Duke of Cambridge’s Own Lancers. We moved into the current building in 1866 under the Housemastership of the Rev’d William Boyce; who named Christowe after the village in Devon where he married. In recognition of Rev’d Boyce ‘Boyceites’ is the name given to all members of the House.

Naturally Christowe boys are guided to achieve their very best academically but alongside this they are actively encouraged to explore the huge breadth of opportunity that College life offers. Participation across the whole spectrum of school life is celebrated and the boys are justifiably proud of all their achievements, however diverse they may be. Above all else we strive to ensure that boys in Christowe are happy, well-mannered and inquisitive young men who will look back at their time in house as an informative and contented time in their lives.

Alongside the experienced tutor and matron team my wife, Beki, who is Head of Theology, Philosophy ​and Ethics at College and a member of the Digital Ethics Lab at Oxford University, plays an active role in House life supporting the boys and looking after our two children Isobelle and Ben. We would be delighted to show you around and talk to you in more detail as to why Christowe life is so special. Please do come and visit.

Jonathan Mace
Christowe Housemaster