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The College community is committed to raising money for local, national and international charities. 


College, the Prep School and the Cheltonian Association have collectively raised in excess of £43,000 for charitable causes in the year from May 2015 to May 2016. This is an impressive amount of money and is the product of both collective and individual efforts. The list of fundraising activities undertaken includes quiz nights, balls, cake sales, car washes, sponsored events and theatrical productions. The principal beneficiaries have been Meningitis Now, Emmaus Gloucester, The Royal British Legion and Gloucestershire Bundles, as well as our two sponsored schools – Bradet (Romania) and Shamrock (Nepal).


From September 2016 each House at College will adopt a local charity. Once adopted the hope is that a lasting relationship will be established between the charity and the community of the House. This will be mutually beneficial and enrich both College and the charities.

  • Ashmead: The Nelson Trust (Stroud)
  • Boyne House:  The James Hopkins Trust
  • Chandos: Gloucestershire Young Carers
  • Christowe: Cheltenham Recycling Project
  • Hazelwell: The Cornerstone Centre (Cheltenham) 
  • Leconfield: The White City Project (Gloucester)
  • Newick House: British Lung foundation (Interstitial Lung disease) and Guide Post Trust
  • Queen's: Cheltenham Powerchair Basketball
  • Southwood: Insight
  • Westal: Meningitis Now (Stroud)


Director of Charities: The Reverend Dr Adam Dunning

Prefect Chair of Charities: Millie Broom (U6, W)

The Chair of Charities and a team of charity representatives from each of the Houses is selected each year.   This team will plan, promote and co-ordinate all Charitable fundraising at College.

  • To give pupils the opportunity to learn about charity and fund-raising.
  • To give the pupils an opportunity to lead and have a sense of ownership.
  • To give some structure to the many charity opportunities that are presented and take place at College.
  • To encourage pupils to serve and give to others. 


The purpose of the College Charity is to provide the opportunity for the members of Upper College to select and support an 'official' charity during their final years at College. This year's primary charity is Winston’s Wish and over the course of the year we will be organising and carrying out various activities and events to support it. The explicit aim is to raise £10,000. Once that target is reached then the aim will be to raise a further £5,000 for the local charity Young Gloucestershire.

Please refer to the Winston’s  Wish and Young Gloucestershire websites for more details.

There will also be a number of other charities that College supports during the year. These include:  Toilet-twinning, It4kids, and a combined school Santa fun-run.


This charity committee will short-list the charities that have approached the College during the preceding year taking the above guiding principles into consideration.

  • Ideally, have a Gloucestershire presence.
  • Impacts children.
  • Local feel.
  • Opportunities for College pupils to volunteer their time and services.
  • Positive synergies with Cheltenham College and Cheltenham Prep

These are subject to change without prior notice

If your charity is interested in being considered as the 2017-18 College Charity, please make sure your applications are submitted in writing by 6 June 2017 to the Director of Charities.


College Charities reserves the right to hold one off Charity initiatives / events during the year.  All charity related events and / or fundraisers need to be approved by College Charities if they want their activity endorsed and promoted by College. The process is for all 'Ad hoc 'requests to be directed to the Head of Charities who will then correspond with the charity team. The reason for putting these structures in place is not to dampen enthusiasm for good charity ideas and initiatives, but rather to ensure that fundraising does not target the same group of people too many times in a calendar year.  Also, these processes are not intended to regulate people's individual charity efforts; there is a limit to the number of activities and initiatives we can expect the College community to support. Any major event that has an association with College and a charity must obtain approval from College Charities before proceeding with the event.


We have a long-standing relationship (established by previous Headmasters of College and the Prep School) with the Gloucestershire Community Foundation.

Gloucestershire Community Foundation brings to life a simple idea of matching those who want to give money to charity, with those who need it most.  They work to help local people find local solutions to local problems, targeting grants that make a difference to the lives of people in Gloucestershire.  They act as the vital bridge between local donors and local needs.

On average, they support many hundreds of voluntary and community projects each year, reaching young and old alike.  The diversity of those they assist is great and includes community centres, sports clubs, theatre groups, recycling schemes, youth clubs, orchestras, exercise classes for the elderly and after school clubs, to name but a few.  They manage a number of charitable Funds on behalf of organisations, individuals and colleges and invite Gloucestershire charities and community groups to apply to us for grants from those same Funds.

Our current aim is for the Prep School raise £25,000 for the foundation over the next three years.

Please refer to the Gloucestershire Community Foundation website for more details.