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Boarding and Day

Life in a boarding school, whether as a boarder, a day boarder or a day pupil, offers the time and opportunity to explore talents outside the classroom. Success in the choir or in a hockey team has a habit of breeding success elsewhere. Every child will have the opportunity to find his or her niche, the one in which they can perform well. The increased sense of self-belief that such an environment nurtures, gives children the confidence to try harder and to believe they can succeed.

If choosing to board you need to choose a boarding school that does it properly; one where the overwhelming majority are boarders and where life is geared to providing the spectacular range of opportunities 24/7 that only these schools really can. On top of that we recognise the unique partnership between the Housemaster or Housemistress and parents. The House becomes a home away from home and in the process your child does not lose a parent; they gain a few more.

For all pupils, the advantages of this ethos are significant. Day boarders stay overnight in boarding houses, whilst our day Houses are run in the same way as the boarding Houses with overnight stays possible where necessary. Resident tutors and House staff are available throughout the day and evening. Pupils staying late for school play rehearsals or lectures need not worry, and those studying for exams can attend evening department clinics in their Houses.

If you are unsure which option is right for you, please call or come and visit us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 

Boarding Principles

Cheltenham College aims to provide an environment in which each pupil and student in its care can flourish and grow in all spheres of their school life in a safe and secure environment. The relationship between pupil/student, parent and House, whether boarding or day, will be fundamental to this and communication is encouraged to be frequent and open. 
A Cheltenham College House, whether boarding or day,  should be a ‘home from home’ where all pupils and students can study, play and rest. They should develop responsibility for themselves and others, and have the opportunity to express their individuality, whilst learning respect and consideration towards the immediate and wider community in which they live.