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A typical day

There is no such thing as a typical day at Cheltenham College! Every day is filled with a huge array of lessons, societies, activities and sports, with up to 30 clubs operating weekly outside the classroom.

The below table (based on our Autumn Timetable) should give you an idea of timetabled lessons during the mornings.

Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons are games afternoons, with an additional activity programme for the Third Form and other co-curricular clubs. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a variety of options, from CCF, community services and Third Form Challenge to activity clubs, music and co-curricular societies before heading back to classrooms for periods 5 and 6. Please do click through to 'Afternoon Activities' for further details.

From Monday to Fridays, tea is at 5.30pm for Third & Fourth form and 6.00pm for Fifth Form & Upper College.

Monday to Friday mornings
Breakfast 7.15
Tutor and Registration 8.30
Chapel 8.40
Period 1 9.05
Period 2 9.50
Break 10.30
Period 3 11.00
Period 4 11.45
Period 5 12.30
Lower College Lunch 1.05 pm
Upper College Lunch 1.20 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons after activities
Period 6 2.20 
Period 7 3.05 
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
Games / Sport 2.00 
House registration  8.15
 Period 1  8.30 
 Period 2  9.10 
 Period 3  9.50 
 Break  10.25
 Period 4  10.55 
 Period 5  11.35
 Lunch  12.10
 Games  Afternoon