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UK Armed Forces Discounts


When Cheltenham College was originally founded in 1841 it was divided into Classical and Military sides, this arrangement lasting until the mid-twentieth century.  College is tremendously proud of its military history, with over 6,000 Old Cheltonians (OCs) having served in HM Armed Forces during times of war, including 675 who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War, and 14 Old Cheltonians being awarded the Victoria Cross.


Today, College pupils continue to follow the tradition of service by joining the CCF, where they develop the qualities of discipline, self-reliance and leadership, which in the modern world are of the utmost importance whatever career a boy or girl may choose. Therefore, it is a vital and integral part of the education that College offers. 

Cheltenham College, including Cheltenham Prep, is home to over 40 families whose parents are serving in HM Armed Forces, and our teachers and House staff are very experienced in providing the support, understanding and reassurance to those pupils who may be worried or anxious about any issue. College also provides a traditional full boarding experience so Houses are full at the weekend and students have lessons, sports, trips, activities and opportunities to keep them fully occupied and engaged. 

Armed Forces discount

College provides generous Forces Discounts for parents currently serving in HM Armed Forces, details of which may be found below. In additional, further means-tested bursaries are available. 

College's Armed Forces discount is applied to both Day and Boarding pupils and is dependent on rank. Armed Forces discounts are applied to the total fee payable, depending on whether a pupil is Day or Boarding.

All Armed Forces discounts also apply at prep school level. Families are welcome to apply for further means-tested bursary support, if required, in addition to their CEA allowance.

Air Force
 25% All ranks Captain and below All ranks Lieutenant and below All ranks Flt Lieutenant and below

All ranks Major and above




All ranks Lt Commander and above


All ranks Squadron Leader and above

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