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History Department Battlefields Trip

Back in January 2014, keen History researchers, now in the Fifth Form, worked every Monday after school to locate the graves of all our 675 old boys who lost their lives in what was called, at the time, the ‘Great War for Civilisation’. They tirelessly spent time on websites and spreadsheets, plotting and tracking OCs in their various resting places around the world, from St. Peter’s, just up the road in Leckhampton, and St. Mary’s, Prestbury, to Nairobi, Karonga, Basra and Rawalpindi. The current Fourth Form continued the project into October 2014, putting faces and personal details to the names. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the Victoria Cross Trust and the Khaki Chums, to name just a few, then followed and ‘favourited’ our tweets as the pupils rolled the project out across Flanders, covering both Belgium and northern France, that Half Term break.

The project continued into 2015 with another phase of independent research having been completed by the current Third Form, and a total of 346 out of our 675 having been found and thanked in person. At least 41 OCs lost their lives serving in Gallipoli, or died on their way home of wounds: 20 intrepid current Cheltonians (Fifth, Lower and Upper Sixth) and staff spent this October honouring their memory on the peninsula. We located every one: not a single man was 'left behind'. 

Miss Jo Doidge-Harrison
Head of History