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Talented Athlete Programme

The Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) provides structured training and mentoring, as well as access to the latest sports science research, to the most talented 15 to 20 sporting girls and boys at College. It supports and nurtures our most able athletes, enabling them to excel fully in their chosen sport, not just at College, but at club, regional, national and international level.

TAP Elite athletes are provided with two individually tailored Strength and Conditioning (S&C) sessions per week, focusing on all areas, from mobility to explosive power. Regular monitoring and performance testing allow their athletic development to be tracked. Athletes are also provided with specific injury prevention strategies that allow them to spend more time on the field of play. 

Major benefits include:
  • In-depth movement and physical competency screening

  • Performance and wellbeing tracking
  • Personal mentor
  • Athletic testing
  • Access to in-house physiotherapists
  • Individual and sports specific strength and conditioning
  • Sessions with coaching professionals
  • Sports psychology and nutrition talks

  • Video analysis

  • Journey and timeline planning
  • Club and academy links 
Mentorship programme

Each athlete is given a mentor, whose role is to oversee their training week, helping them to work towards their goals. The mentor is normally the athlete’s head of sport, and they meet regularly with them as part of the monitoring process. Our mentors are:

  • Mr Henry Davies – TAP Coordinator and Head of S&C
  • Mr Nick Runciman – Rugby Professional and S&C Coach
  • Mr Olly Morgan – Director of Rugby
  • Mr Gwyn Williams – Head of Hockey
  • Miss Betsy Willey – Head of Netball
  • Mr George Maitre – Head of Rowing
  • Mr Matt Coley – Head of Cricket
  • Mr Chris Warner – Head of Tennis

Case studies

Tom Stanton – Gloucester Rugby Academy

 “This is my third year of being in the TAP program. Last year I greatly benefited from TAP sessions as it allowed me to work on specific areas of weakness within my sports, which I couldn’t work on during our everyday sports sessions as school. The TAP programme gives athletes the time and chances to build on and improve weaknesses within their sports, either in the gym working on strength and conditioning or working to improve sport specific skills.”

Emily Drysdale – Wales U18 Hockey

 “This is my third year in the TAP Elite program. It has helped me to overcome injuries and develop strength and agility. The program has allowed me to improve 
at my hockey, whilst also turning me into an all round athlete. Last year they introduced 1 to 1 sessions with the sport professional within our sports, where we are able to improve on specific skill related to our main sports.”