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The Prep Award

In September 2017 we were very excited to launch ‘The Prep Award’. The following information will help familiarise you (the parents) with the scheme and may assist you in supporting and encouraging your child as they themselves get acquainted with the Award. There are 5 key aims of The Prep Award:

- To reward the pupils for taking part in the many opportunities offered both at school and outside of school.
- To encourage them to get involved in a wide range of activities.
- To try something new either at school or outside of school.
- To develop leadership skills.
- To introduce the idea of service; whether it be to the school or the wider community.

Structure of the Award
There will be three levels of award available. Each level will run for the duration of that sectionallowing children enough time to accrue Prep Award ‘Credits’: 

Lower School – Bronze Award – given near the end of Year 4
Middle School – Silver Award - given near the end of Year 6
Upper School – Gold Award - given near the end of Year 8
The pupils can be awarded credits in 3 key areas:

- Community Service and Leadership.
- Collaboration and Teamwork.
- Personal Endeavour.

The aim is that pupils complete a range of activities in each of the three areas. These activities may be ‘one off’ events or may last a term or a year.
Day to day logistics
The onus is very much on the child to take responsibility for their progression in The Award and your child will now have their own Prep Award Log Book. The activity/good deed/event needs to be recorded by your child in their log book and signed by an adult. This adult could be a teacher if it occurred within school, or a parent or instructor if it occurred outside of school. Your child can then take their log book to a member of staff known as a ‘Credit Cruncher’. These members of staff will have a conversation with them about what they have done or achieved and will award them with a proportionate number of Credits in the appropriate category as well as giving face-to-face praise to your child. This information will be stored directly on the newly designed Prep Award database. The list of Credit Crunchers and the times when they are available are published to the children on the Library door and on the Prep Award notice board in the assembly hall foyer.
As parents you can support your children by encouraging them to try a range of activities, to stick at an activity for a term and to bring in examples of what they do outside of school e.g. swimming badges, music certificates. Examples of things that your child can gain credits for can be found in their log books and on the Prep Award notice board. However, this is by no means exhaustive and no good deed or achievement is “too small” for your child to note down.
This is a very exciting new initiative which will help to celebrate the achievements of all our pupils and we very much hope you will support and encourage your child to embrace The Prep Award during their time at The Prep.