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There are three separate libraries at Cheltenham Prep, each tailored to the needs of the different ages of the pupils using them. The Kingfishers Library for children in Reception to Year 2 is housed in Kingfishers and is the perfect place to discover a love of words, pictures and exciting stories! The Lower School library, which forms the heart of the Lower School building encourages pupils to develop their reading and storytelling skills through popular characters as well as complementing learning in lessons with subject-specific non-fiction books. Finally, the wood panelled main Library, adorned with artwork by famous children’s illustrators, provides a place for pupils in Years 5 to 8 to explore their favourite genres and authors in more depth. 

Any pupil can borrow up to two books at a time, and with so many wonderful stories available, pupils can never be sure where their next literary adventure may take them!

Pupils in Years 5 to 8 have a weekly lesson in the Library, which is an opportunity to share the best ‘book of the day’ with friends and classmates, from the comfort of a bean bag or sofa. Our Librarian and English department collaborate to produce Reading Lists for Years 3 to 8, offering guidance on which books will not only complement the curriculum, but tackle contemporary social issues, offer plots that challenge pupils’ thinking and characters that inspire and provoke.  

All three libraries are well-used both for class research and that all-important chill out time (the libraries are open to everyone at lunch and break times, as well as during the evening for Boarders). Visit during break time and you might just witness an intense game of chess taking place: the chess boards are very popular and have gained quite a following across all years groups! 

The love of literature and story-telling which is developed in our youngest pupils through the Storytellers Club (the ideal time to discover a new favourite book!), spills out across the school: each year pupils across all year groups celebrate World Book Day, Roald Dahl Day and National Poetry Day, and the world-renowned annual Cheltenham Literature Festival provides the perfect literary backdrop to our school.