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Joining Instructions

The College community eagerly looks forward to welcoming its new members each year but we do understand that the final months before your son or daughter joins College can be both exciting and daunting as your child prepares to join a new school. In addition to natural nerves and anticipation, there are many practical aspects to be arranged and finalised and the Admissions Office sends out a Joining Instruction booklet each June prior to entry, which includes details such as uniform lists, medical forms, musical tuition, etc and should prove very helpful with regards to last-minute details.

On this page you will find copies of the relevant information for new pupils and should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office, either by email or on 01242 265600; they would be happy to help with any queries. 

To view our Joining Instructions, please click on the icon below.

If you would prefer to view the Joining Instructions as a pdf, click here. All of the forms that need to be completed and returned to College are contained within this document. Please print, complete and return all forms to College by Wednesday 6 July 2016.

We know that you will have questions about joining a new school and about life at College, we have tried to answer these for you with our Frequently Asked Questions, but please contact the Admissions Office if we can be of further assistance either by email or on 01242 265662.


Full details of our uniform can be found on the website. However the following links may be helpful:

International Pupils

If you are coming to College from outside the UK there will be specific questions that you will want answeredAll of College's international pupils will need a Guardian in the UK.  Will your child need a visa for the UK? How can you apply for a visa? 

College invites all new non-native speakers of English to take part in the International Pupil Induction, held each year just prior to the start of the Autumn Term. Our International Induction Programme is specifically intended to support and integrate overseas pupils into life at Cheltenham College. It is our intention to manage culture shock and ensure that their time here is a happy one. To this end, we strongly encourage all non-native English speakers to attend if possible. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Term Dates

Below is a link to all of the College Term Dates for 2015-16 and 2016-17.


Whether your son or daughter is joining College in Third, Fourth or Lower Sixth Form our curriculum is exciting and varied and balances academic rigour with  superb breadth. All of our curriculum booklets can viewed and downloaded.