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Combined Cadet Force

Cheltenham College's Combined Cadet Force (CCF) aims to develop students' leadership skills, responsibility, self-reliance, teamwork and perseverance. It offers the means for a student to experience new challenges and situations within a safe environment. In doing so, cadets learn the value of working together and the importance of knowing themselves.

Cheltenham College has a long and distinguished connection with the military that dates back to 1862 when the Volunteer Rifle Corps was first founded. CCF forms part of this strong connection and we continue to see students leave College and enlist in military training establishments; College's development of the military’s future leaders has been formally recognised by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

There are three sections representing each of the military services that are run by College staff: ex-military and a number of experienced volunteers. All Fourth Form students are members of one of the sections for at least one year, after which students can choose to continue or try another activity. Cadets can expect to carry out a range of activities from basic field craft to sailing, and can move on to more leadership specific training in the later years. There is also the unique opportunity for cadets to attend a number of external MOD sponsored courses from cadet leadership to powerboat operator.

CCF offers an additional path for students to excel outside of the classroom and develops the skills that students will find invaluable moving forward in their education and future careers. For more information, please contact the School Staff Instructor via