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Handwriting Club

Handwriting Club in Coach House

The club is a daily, fun activity aimed at Lower School and Middle School pupils who have been referred by teaching staff. The pupils enjoy warm up fine motor control activities such as mazes, using putty, threading beads, finger football etc., followed by a handwriting or pattern activity. In the Spring term there has been an extension to the Handwriting Club, with some pupils requiring extra practice, so these pupils have been given a special folder, which they work on independently.

Liz Hawkins and Robert Ballantine, Learning Support Workers

I enjoy handwriting  because I like the haribo challenge and the warm ups.

Ronan Year 4

I like handwriting because I get lots of pluses for doing my work. I also like doing lots of activites in handwriting. It's great fun.

Simon Year 6

I like making sheep at handwriting club.

Dudu Year 3